AG Insurance; AG Real Estate; Aquafin; Banksys; Belgian Shell; Belgium Post; BNP Paribas Fortis; Boston Consulting Group; CBR; COA (Centrum voor Opleiding Assuranties – Centre organising training for insurance co’s); Continental PET Products; Econocom; Estee Lauder Companies; European Council; Fortis Bank (insurance); Glaverbel; Goodyear; GO (Education) M.I.V.B – S.T.I.B; Mobistar; P&V Vivium (insurance); Philips; Smith Kline; Total; Zurich Insurances; UZ-Gent; Procter & Gamble;

Some Feedback:

"MERCI Beaucoup.

Pour ton training. Pour les échanges. Pour m'avoir bousculé et fait reflechir. Et fait avancé

Je vais suivre mon action plan ! "

"En nog eens bedankt voor de prima vorming: het gevoel waarmee ik naar huis vertrokken ben, is zowat het beste dat ik na een vorming al gehad heb"

"Ik heb vorige week al een aantal feedbacks gekregen van de opleidingen en ze zijn allemaal zeer enthousiast over zowel de inhoud als de zeer competente en flexibele opleidster.
Bedankt voor alles

"Ik heb zo veel bijgeleerd tijdens deze opleiding en dit kwam vooral door jou als trainer en daarvoor wou ik je nog eens superbedanken !"

"I want to represent the great feedback I got for the event of yesterday. We briefly discussed via email and he was extremely positive on the outcomes. Thanks, that’s a confirmation of the potential of the course and of the ability of Lieve as a facilitator of it, I am really satisfied. The intervention of Lieve was super top and super individualized for each of our leaders, which made the strength of the training."

" Highly appreciated individual face-to-face debriefs of the online assessment, organized before the workshop".


" These sessions enabled to raise awareness and self-reflection about EI before the training day.

 It has also encouraged a connection and personal link with Lieve which was the key objective for a more efficient & personalized workshop"

" A very expert and agile trainer, able to intervene in the 3 languages of our market (French, Dutch and English). A personal thank you here from me to Lieve for her expertise, the time spent to understand the organization and adjust accordingly. It made really the difference so far"

"Thanks for doing a very good job with the recent EI session in Eindhoven.  Your overall Combined Average score was a 4.0  The verbal comments were very encouraging too.  Someone said “everyone should go this course”.  I couldn’t agree more!!  Another person commented that the professionalism and passion for the EI training was demonstrated by the trainer"


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